Nouns of the Week I


I. Jill Talbot on The VanMeteresque and the “voice that invites us to look at who we were then and who we would, years later, become.”

II. Joy Katz on poems with babies, poets with babies, babies that might consume your poems. “Fear the weight of the baby and the house together, ready to crush me at my desk.”

III. Here is today.

IV. Show up. Work. Write.

V. Maybe write by hand.

VI. B.J. Hollars showed up and wrote about The Mathematics of Grief. “Let us not fret over the variables; let us solve nothing for x.”

VII. Samantha Otto takes us under the sea and into desire. “When we meet the real whale—the flexing steel giant whose heartbeat sends sonar pulses shuddering through the sea floor—hold me and watch as it passes by.”

VIII. “Sex & Love &” … Bob Hicok does it right.

IX. “When music spelled itself out to us” in “Poem with Accidental Memory” by Adam Fitzegerald.

X. “Regret,” “Drunkenness,” “What You Love”go hand-in-hand in these poems by Craig Morgan Teicher.

XI. Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby.  No joke, just do it.

XII. This beach towel from Artsy.  Featured above.

XIII. It’s a New Year.  So, champagne.

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