Nouns of the Week III


I. Hidden artwork + books = brilliant. (Thanks, Michael for the link.)

II. “Writing was the first time I felt I could forge a connection that moved both ways, a two-way street between me and the rest of the world.” -Jennifer Percy on science & stories

III. Oblique Strategies. A way over, around, through, or under creative roadblocks.

IV. This incredible map of births and deaths.

V. And speaking of maps. Maps of knowledge, love, pursuit.

VI. “If stasis had a better name,/ you would know what to do.”

VII. Slapstick.  From the current issue of Brevity.  Actually, read the whole issue.

VIII. Salt crystals, fractals, cynatopes, debris made into art.  (As seen above.)

IX. “What It’s Like” by Nicole Zimmerman

X. “I am only interested in people engaged in a project of self-transformation.” – Susan Sontag

XI. Sontag, O’Keefe, Woolf, de Kooning. 4 of 40 inspiring workplaces.

XII. “Where does desire come from anyway, lovely bird? Who gave birth to it and why, and why is desire the thing I know better than anything else, better than I know myself?” from “Every Lovely Bird” by Robert Vivian

XIII. The Exchange by Sophie Cabot Black.

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