Nouns of the Week IV


I. Judith Kitchen + books.  Did I mention, Judith Kitchen and books? Yeah, she’s started Ovenbird Books and it’s going to make waves.

II. Art & Physics. Why art and science should get together more often. “Revolutionary art and visionary physics are both investigations into the nature of reality.”

III. Sometimes, going back to the classics is how to move forward.  Find all sorts of essay inspiration and innovation at Quotidiana.

IV. “The way she would move through a party/Like cursive” from “An Engine that Won’t” by Amy Woolard.

V. “Figure at Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails.”  Need I say more?  That title!

VI. “Self-knowledge through numbers”: a better life, a giant distraction, or is there a balance?

VII. The mechanics of this are kind of gross, but it’s incredible that sponges can save lives.  

VIII.  A billion-pixel camera taking pictures of billions of stars.  Mind-blowing.

IX. Oh, and if I didn’t mention Judith Kitchen’s The Circus Train, get it here.  Read it, be moved.

X. “Write drunk. Edit sober.”

XI. Nothing is sadder than an empty glass.  Speaking of which, Louise Gluck’s “The Empty Glass.

XII. Excited to read Phantom Canyon by Kathryn Winograd.  Coming this month.

XII.  It’s a year old, but it is still important you read all of these essays by female writers.

XIII. A trip to the Seattle Art Museum reminded me how incredible the work of Kehinde Wiley is.  Make sure to check out all of his work.  See it in person if you can, so powerful.

Painting (Anthony of Padua) above by Kehinde Wiley can be seen at the Seattle Art Museum.

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