Nouns of the Week VII


I. First of all: Happy Pi Day!  Here’s one million digits of pi. And here’s a peach pie.

II. For Pi Day you could write something with 314.159 words about a pie you loved that broke your heart.  Then submit it to one of these places that take flash nonfiction, gathered by Chelsea Biondolillo on Brevity’s blog.

III. Lighthouse icicles.  Well, Michigan, you win.

IV. Need a run down of Shakespeare’s tragedies?  Here’s an awesome graphic to remind you of who is stabbed, poisoned, drowned, smothered by a pillow, disappears, etc.

V.  Love the concept behind Proximity Magazine.  Can’t wait to see more issues.  (The photo essay “Life of a Liveaboard” is lovely.)

VI. “It was a mask. / I yanked it from your flesh. /I wear it often.” Go read this incredible poem by Eduardo C. Corral and try not to shiver.

VII. Food disguised as other food.  It’s a thing now thanks to artist Hikaru Cho.

VIII. And a fence that reflects the landscape.  Thanks to artist Alyson Shotz. 

IX. This heartbreaking poem of hanging and cranes and daughters. “What I Will Tell His Daughter, When She’s Old Enough to Ask” by Meg Day at Rattle.

X.  Learn a new word here.  Name what it is you are feeling or just feel the joy of so many syllables on your tongue.

XI. From Henry Miller’s ‘Commandments’: “When you can’t create you can work.” But also, “Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only.”

XII. With spring, so much love.  With love, so much kissing.  With kissing, so much awkward joy.  Watch this to smile and cringe at the same time.

XIII. In celebration of the coming of spring, organs made of plants by Camila Sitarama Carlow.  Including the lungs kidneys featured above.  You can buy prints here.


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