Nouns of the Week XI


I. Michael has a website!  Check it out and fall down the rabbit hole with him.

II.  Then, go play with the moon.

III. The earth’s crust is the skin of the apple, the skin of a peach. Near the top, the crust is like cold wax. It crumbles, but the part nearer the mantle moves like hot wax. It shapes and reshapes. It can’t premeditate or predict, but it can reform.” Beautiful lines from Nicole Walker’s  Skin of the Earth over at Zone 3. 

IV. Let books be books. Regardless of the gender of the reader.

V. We’ve all felt in desperate jeopardy when in reality we were safe and sound—while sleeping, having a nightmare.” Priscilla Long in the heartbreaking and heartopening What Killed My Sister at The American Scholar.

VI.  This great essay in an essay by Dinah Lenney at Bending Genre.

VII. I want to frolic in fields of pink moss.  

VIII. I want to quote the entirety of “Etiquette for a Bioluminescent Red Tide” by Sara Biggs Chaney over at PANK, instead, click here and go read it. And then again.

IX. A love story of Great Books and Big Ideas. And so much more.

X. Numinous. 

XI. “unhinge our brassy mouths, stare/ long enough to think we’ve figured the other out.” Go read the tender “How the Living Behave” by Erin L. Miller at Bluestem.

XII. Great Writers Steal! I believe it and he proves it. Go be convinced to steal.  (And he featured my piece “To Fall.”)

XIII. Get to know tears with The Topography of Tears by Rose-Lynn Fisher (“Tears of Ending and Beginning featured above).

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