Nouns of the Week XII


I. The photo/painting above and below are by the incredible Gerhard Richter.  The film about him is next up on my to-watch list.  Go get lost in his work, you may never re-surface.

II. The title of this piece is too delicious: Paris bridge can’t handle the weight of love.

III. Reading Rainbow was my happy place as a kid, so this thrills me.

IV. I’m not a teacher, but this is important. 1, 6, 26, 44 in particular.

V. Zebras win a prize for the longest, most organized migration.

VI. “The beginning/ of seeing past sight—/ in which what’s interior becomes/ visible architecture for the living self.” Read and listen to Katherine Larson’s “Such Insomnia and Shape” over at Blackbird.

VII. The science behind one of the best smells on earth.

VIII. “Draw me a map to the worlds we only dream up in our darkest nights.” On Writing, Like Lust by Jill Talbot and Justin Lawrence Daughtery over at Pithead Chapel.

IX. Oh, and back to Katherine Larson, watch this. “An invertebrate zoologist once told me that the point of radial symmetry is to be able to approach the environment from any angle or side.” 

X. “Maybe in the act of living as a writer, of being an essayist, we reorient and redefine ourselves.” Kirk Wisland on the essayist’s conundrum over at (my favorite) Essay Daily.

XI.  Words are so crucial.  They change lives.  Library for All is using technology to bring books to people around the world so they may lift themselves out of poverty with the power of words.

XII. “One word can cinch around our throats like a belt.” Michael meditates on rejection and devastation over at the Superstition Review Blog, he puts it all in perspective.

XIII. “It’s about courage and showing respect,” she said. “I respect myself and insist upon it from everybody. And because I do it, I then respect everybody too.” The wisdom and beauty of Maya Angelou lives on.


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