Nouns of the Week XIV

be6c0dfca6ec0f30-Dez_043I.  “How could anything, anything, especially a sentence, ever be enough?” This essay, “Against Everything” by J.M. Gamble over at The Rumpus is achingly on point.

II.  Follow it up with Lia Purpura’s sucker punch (the good kind) of a poem, “Proximities” over at The Antioch Review: “I sit for a while/ with my regular cup/ and feel things collapse/ or go on, I can’t tell.”

III.  Faces in the clouds.

IV.  We don’t have to procrastinate.  

V.  But if you want to, here is some incredible art to get lost in.  Is it procrastinating if it’s lovely? (Painting above featured from ‘Euphoria’ series by Dez’Mon Omega Fair.)

VI.  Oh, and another procrastination-worthy viewing experience is Cirque du Soleil’s short film “Sparked.” 

VII.  But when you need to get back to work, like our dear Joan Didion would do, read her answers to Proust’s Questionnaire.  “I like writing, at least when it’s going well, maybe because it seems to be exactly as tactile a thing to do as making gumbo or gardening.”  There is never enough Joan. 

VIII.  “…to honor the seams between.”  One of the most powerful endings to an essay I’ve read in quite some time.  Read Tarfia Faizullah’s essay “Necessary Failure” over at Oxford American for a readjusted view of yourself.  And others.

IX.  Makes me want to get back down to the sentence.  10 incredible sentences.  Good writing grows from good reading.

X.  Speaking of good reading, the always ass-kicking Jill Talbot has a concise, beautiful moment over at Brevity with her short essay “All or Nothing, Self-Portrait at Twenty-Seven.”

XI.  Then some more in Kathryn Simmonds’ “Elegy for the Living” at Poetry

XII. A writer and the page….

XIII.  It’s really rainy here tonight, but if it’s not where you are, here is some rain in a bottle.  Cheers.

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