Nouns XXII


I. “The practice of reading feels like and is like consciousness itself: imperfect; partial; hazy; co-creative.”

II.  “…everything/that was not me stepped away so that I would not die…” Read (& listen to) the haunting poem, “Faces,” of Afaa Michael Weaver at Fogged Clarity.

III. “I tend to like things that have/ at least that/ in common with me. ”  Read these three personal ad poems by my friend and incredible poet, Michael Schmeltzer, over at Wyvern Lit.  (And then his whisper shout-out to Lisa Mecham, a new-to-me writer I am thoroughly enjoying.)

IV.  Reading the looping loops of Erika Anderson’s essay “Loop” at The Rumpus … I think everyone can relate with the looping back and then again.  “You ask me to stay another night and then another, and you have cause because after I leave you unravel like so much thread.”

V. And here’s more from The Rumpus with Amy Robillard’s essay “Changing the Subject.”  “It’s not who, though, that matters, but how he told the story.”

VI. So, so excited for the new book series coming out of University of Georgia Press, Crux: The Georgia Series in Literary Nonfiction.  I await their books with baited breath (or more likely, by reading other books until I can read theirs).

VII.  We’d probably all do well to read the books on Ernest Hemingway’s list of books for young writers (1934) …. I’ve got a few to catch up on, but 2 of my top 5 novels are on there.

VIII. “…nothing left but language.” This poem by Anne Stevenson in Ploughshares expands so much further than the space it takes up on the page.

IX.  And the poem “In the storeroom” by Hera Naguib in Beloit Poetry Journal dives down into a photo and straight into your gut.  The second half of the poem is like having the wind knocked out of you.

X.  I can’t even quote from “Pine” by Maya Catherine Popa in DIAGRAM because you need to go read the whole thing.  Right now.

XI.  “These burning coals are yours to grasp, and yours alone.” “Four Griefs” by Anton Rose at Zetetic Record feels like One Thousand Griefs.

XII. Literalogue looks awesome.  Pretty literary things.

XIII. Vincent VanGogh’s palette (check out all the other artist’s palette’s too!) and this quote from him to take you into the weekend: “Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle.  And not mind being eccentric, and make a distinction between good and evil.”

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