Nouns XXVI

the kiss.png

I. “I’ll tell you how we’re wrong enough to be forgiven.” Read the poem “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong on repeat.  Don’t rinse, just repeat.

II. “The problem with my scars is that they aren’t good enough.” Gut wrenchingly good, “A Catalogue of Scars” by Deirdre Coyle over at Luna Luna Magazine.

III. “Passion. As if murder is the same thing as spreading rose petals on your bed or eating dinner by candlelight or kissing through the credits of a movie.” The essay “Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence” over at The Belle Jar is a powerful, poignant, & really important.

IV. “Creation is a place of freedom” — this short film at Huck about Chris Martin’s path to painting and creativity through time in prison is quite incredible. (And makes you realize your excuses for not creating are dumb. And by you, I mean me.) 

V. “An imprint of dust
upon the body, or the body onto dust.”

The imagery in this poem by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach at Room Magazine will leave you breathless and haunted.  

VI. “When you can’t create, you can work” — and more good advice jumping off points in a tidy infographic.  In case you are stuck.

VII. “I wanted to bring readers to Elk River using imaginary roads.” Michael Schmeltzer over at Chapbook Interviews on his chapbook Elegy/Elk River.  Isn’t that a great way and reason to write?

VIII. Another great interview over at Tin House by Leslie Jamison.  She interviews Charles D’Ambrosio who is, somehow, so insightful it makes me cringe at my own obliviousness: “It’s a little spooky to realize how porous the personality is in writing, porous or just plain incontinent, leaking out everywhere, so that things get revealed even when—or especially when—you haven’t given them much conscious thought.”

IX. The whole series of essays on The Best American Essays series over at Essay Daily this month is worth reading.  It’s the opposite of trying to find a needle in a haystack.  

X.  He’s just walkin’.  And it’s inspiring.  (And before that, he walked some more.)  As a lover of walking, I am enamored with this.

XI. “It kills the story dead. Like pouring kerosene into a beehive. Cement into a tree wound. Henbane into the ear of King Hamlet.” Ray Shea slays with honesty & insight & beautifully written heartbreak & heartbreaking with his piece “The Graveyard of Stories and Songs” over at Split Lip Magazine.

XII. “nothing is ever entirely
right in the lives of those who love each other.”

I’m currently obsessing over the work of Eavan Boland, so expect many more quotes and references.  But her poem “Domestic Violence” is stuck in my head at the moment.

XIII. Ron Hicks paintings have just the right light and tone for today, I think.  Featured above, his painting “A Stolen Kiss.”

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