Lying to You

Apéritifs: In the months leading up to the release of our book A Single Throat Opens, a collaborative lyric exploration of addiction, we will be compiling a playlist pairing songs with new writing to be enjoyed before the main course. Cheers, friends.

Lying to You

All memory is a form of longing. And desire lines my neurons, like ice along branches in mid-January Ohio. Each shiver sends a tremor through boughs that once, warmed in the sun, made something beautiful.

When you left, memory and desire merged. You once described me as limbs on fire and dancing. I’ve spent years shrinking at the thought of becoming ash in all the fire of my want. I’ve added ice to my drinks, a way to quiet the burn. Only to learn that though flesh burns, bones don’t.

And right now all I can think of to say: drink up. Drink up the sweating drink, drink up the longing, drink up every lie.

Desire in retrospect can so easily be viewed as a trick, a lie. You are a ghost in that way, a trick on the eye when I look behind me, in a darkened room, alone with nothing but the wind coming in under the crack in the door.

20 thoughts on “Lying to You

    • I couldn’t help but chuckle since I’m in Ohio and around mid January we finally got the winter we’ve all been bracing for since November last year. But just as fast as it swarmed into our area, it went right back to late Fall-like cold rain. How fickle.

  1. Your imagery is really beautiful. That you drink up lies is a wonderful metaphor. My favorite line was “limbs on fire and dancing”, though. So wonderfully put!

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  3. Love is either meant to be or it’s not. If the love was really true then no ice would have been able to put down the fire burning inside you. If it was really true then you would be recalling those memories you created with him and not comparing him with wind coming through the window. If the fire of love was truly burning inside you then you wouldn’t be remembering him instead you would be with him because nothing can put down the fire of true love. One way or the other you would have found each other. Don’t underestimate the power of love and fire burning inside you ever.

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