largerThings you can read online…

I. I adore aubades and this one, “Aubade With Lemon and Sage,” by  at BuzzFeed takes the form to a whole new and incredible level:

“The dark

has its own blindfold,

the pearls of the eyes

of anyone who will leave


II. “In the middle of my life
it was right to say my desires
but they went away. I couldn’t even make them out,
not even as dots
now in the distance.”

Whew, “All I Ever Wanted” by Katie Ford is breathtaking. 

III. Marcia Aldrich talks about women writing essays and the collection of essays she edited, Waveform

IV. “Eyes glisten for this one, alive. Make to see life. And then name them. Maybe in their likeness. Maybe in earnest. Maybe to capture the fold. Maybe as a reaching.” from “Lida meet lorry” by Asiya Wadud at Sublevel.

VI. “Oliver retreats, tries to see the whole thing from a distance, from above, from several different angles, tries to diagnose the core problem here, what’s working at him.” The way Brandon Taylor encapsulates the physical world and the complicated internal world is on full display in his rich and tense story “Frites” at Little Fiction

VII. The vulnerability and honesty and questioning in this DiveDapper interview with Donika Kelly are refreshing (even as hard as it a little hard to read for recognizing one’s self in the pain mentioned) and challenging. Thank you to both Kaveh and Donika for providing us a listen to this conversation. 

VIII. I’m late to this essay, but it deserves extended attention. Any essay that begins this way is meant for keeps: “The idea of baring your soul in an essay is a kind of fallacy. There are no degrees of honesty. There is only, as the court says, “The whole truth and nothing but.” Anything less than this hundred percent is a kind of lie. Do not bring connotation into this. I am only stating the obvious – that, in the words below, I am ascribing truth. But this truth? Well, it’s handpicked by me.” from Devin Kelly’s essay “12 Steps (Or: How to Be the Son of an Addict).”

Things you can read while holding them in your hands…

IX. Blood on Blood by Devin Kelly

“See how your vision adjusts
in dark to take in what little light
there is. Love’s a scary game to play —

it has no shadow or color. It’s a liquid
you pour into a dark glass. Your mind
wants no part of it. I know this.”

X. Portrait of the Alcoholic by Kaveh Akbar

“the moon unpeels itself with affectation. It’s exhausting, remaining
humble amidst the vicissitudes of fortune. It’s difficult to be
anything at all with the whole world right here for the having.”

XI. Everyone at this Party Has Two Names by Brad Aaron Modlin

“We are no longer enough for each other.

Our words, too, are becoming incomplete, we are afrai
one of us will finally voice the question.”

XII. Asmarani by Safia Elhillo

“& maybe it is too easy to blame
mortality on our capacity for love
the slow death that is putting
your breath in another’s body”

XIII. Painter of Water by Gbenga Adesina (This book and Asmarani are part of an incredible box set of New-Generation African Poets from Akashic Books are not only incredible, but a killer deal).

“Her eyes auburn as want,
tearing at a forgetful world lusting after its own need.”

*Painting “Falso Rockwell” by JULIO ALAN LEPEZ.

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