Art & Parenthood


A couple opportunities for writers & artists who are also parents:

Sustainable Arts Foundation funding for artist/writer parents [Deadline: August 31, 2018]

The New Harmony Project Parent Residency Program [Deadline: September 14, 2018]

Bits & bobs about parenting (or not parenting) as a writer/artist:

“No one had warned me that with a child comes death. Death slinks into your mind. It circles your growing body, and once your child has left it, death circles him too. It would be dangerous to turn your attentions away from your child—this is how the death presence makes you feel.”

Mothers as Makers of Death by Claudia Dey in The Paris Review

“Writing is work that can hold up its head with all the other kinds of useful work out there in the world and it is genuinely work. Good writers write from love, for love, and often, somehow, directly or otherwise, for the liberation of all beings, and the kindness in that is immeasurable.”

Rebecca Solnit On Women’s Work and the Myth of the Art Monster in Lit Hub

“The problem is not in what I am doing. The problem is in what I am not doing, which is writing every day, but which is also leading a life of the mind.”

Mother, Writer, Monster, Maid by Rufi Thorpe in Vela Mag

“Having children, entering the realm of parents and parenthood, changes our relationship to the world in ways we could not have anticipated and might not have signed up for.”

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mom by Kim Brooks in The Cut

Black Milk by Elif Shafak

Increase by Lia Purpura 

Motherhood by Sheila Heti

Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces by Michael Chabon

What are your favorite essays or books about parenthood and art?


(Art: 63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth, 2012 by Lenka Clayton who began the Artist Residency in Motherhood)

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