Portrait of a Body in Wreckages
A Single Throat Opens in collaboration with Michael Schmeltzer


Split Lip Magazine | “Flint Against Bone,” “Fratricide”
Seattle Review of Books | June 2016 “Bruise: A Study”
Third Point Press | Issue 3: Spring 2016 “How To Tame an Angel”
New Mexico Review | Issue 1: Spring 2015 “Ways to Divide”
Water~Stone Review | Vol. 16: 2013 “Love for Three Oranges”
LA Review | No. 14, November 2013 “Split & Frost”
The Delaware Poetry Review |”Balanced as an Eyelash on Your Fingertip,” “How an Equation Begins,” “Refractions,” “Failure, Then Miracle,” “Salut, Salut”
Floating Bridge Review | Number 6: 2013 “Balanced as an Eyelash on Your Fingertip,” “Broken Colors,” “Yellow Triptych,” “La Ligne de la Rupture,” “Cicatrix,” “Gently, River,” “No Less Combustible,” “Where the Nightingales Sing More Sweetly”
Existere: A Journal of Art & Literature | 32.1 2012 “Memory”
Floating Bridge Review | Number 5: 2012 “The Ordering of Things”
Ooligan Press | Pacific Poetry Project (Anthology): 2013
Floating Bridge Review | Number 4: 2011 “Potential Energy” & “Words in the Key of C”
Bluestem | June 2011 “Adumbrate”
Mid-American Review | Vol. XXXI, Number 1: Fall 2010 “Everything is Heavy”
Superstition Review | Issue 6: Fall 2010 “Stars on Their Way Down,” “Potential Energy,” & “Refractions”
roger: an art and literary journal | Issue 5: 2010 “Conversations on the Death of a Sunflower” & “Jaune”


American Literary Review | “Sketches of Everything Except You”
Superstition Review | Issue 18 “Out Here Where Everything Burns”
Black Warrior Review | 43.1 Fall/Winter 2016 “A Single Throat Opens”
Boaat Press | Sept./Oct. 2015 Issue “10 Ways to Pull a Trigger”
Proximity Magazine | Issue 7 “Lifting from the Sea”
Sundog Lit | August 2014 “Highway of Veins”
Pithead Chapel |  January 2014 “To Fall”
Under the Gum Tree | Issue 6: January 2013 “On Ribs”

Reviews & Misc. Words

Superstition Review Blog | March 2017 “In Praise of the Physical World: Matthew Nienow’s House of Water”
Black Warrior Review Blog | October 2016 “One Other Thing” with Michael Schmeltzer
Superstition Review Blog | June 2013 “Fact at a Slant”


Finalist: Split Lip Press Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest 2016
Finalist: Black Warrior Review Nonfiction Contest 2012
Finalist: Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Contest 2012
Finalist: Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Contest 2012

Awards & Honors

Best of the Net Nomination from Boaat Press for the essay “10 Ways to Pull a Trigger,” 2016
Best of the Net Nomination from Third Point Press for the poem “How to Tame an Angel,” 2016
Pushcart Prize Nomination from Proximity Magazine for the essay “Lifting from the Sea,” 2015

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