A Single Throat Opens

A Single Throat Opens

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ISBN: 978-1-62557-977-5

A Single Throat Opens is a collaborative work by Michael Schmeltzer and Meghan McClure. It is a lyrical exploration of addiction. Read more about the book and excerpt here.

Reviews & Previews

Broken Glass: Fragments on Addiction and Kaveh Akbar’s “Portrait of the Alcoholic” and Michael Schmeltzer and Meghan McClure’s “A Single Throat Opens” | Review by Devin Kelly at Brooklyn Vol. 1
One Other Thing | Black Warrior Review 
Excerpt | Black Lawrence Press
Excerpt |Black Warrior Review


(Here’s a little something – a playlist and accompanying writing –  to entertain you while you wait for the book. Cheers, friends.)

Lying To You (MM)
Do You Feel It (MS)
Not What You Wanted (MM)
Twilight (MS)
Nobody (MM)
Momento Mori (MS)
Beer in Babylon (MM)
All is Full of Love (MS)
Only the Winds (MM)
Pleasure Principle (MS)
The Forest, The River, The Thirst (MM)
A Brief History of Truths  (MS)
Only Dreams in Total Darkness (MM)


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